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In the recent years I have been moulding and casting hands for weddings and new born to immortalise that very particular moment it represents.

At WITH MARGOT, enjoy a great service of moulding and casting any part of your body. I use the best algue based material, known for its natural components. ​I will take great care in making you feel comfortable and safe during the process.

This is an incredible experience of replicating parts of your body, the details that can be achieved through this method is uncanny.  

the image shown on the right is a hand cast for Natalie and Michael who got married two days before the hand cast. We chose that particular day as they initially met on that particular date a year before, it was a truly emmotional moment for their hands to be held together in the cast. They chose the pose and I came up with a few idea on the practicality of the sculpture.

They now have a beautiful reminder of their union, in which they keep the scroll of their wedding and sometimes a flower...

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

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Pablo Picasso 
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