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13/12/2016 - 17/01/2017

"This exhibition celebrates two of the mediums that have been part of the artworld from ancient times and features over 20 artists with a diverse selection of work.  Works on Paper range from drawings, watercolours, traditional and modern print methods and paper sculptural works.  Bronze sculpture features both figurative and abstract works utilising sensational techniques of patination and plating.

Works on paper are traditionally less expensive than oils on canvas, and can be seen as a way of acquiring affordable works, often by big named artists.     This is no less true of the current exhibition.  However they are much more than an affordable artwork.  Drawings -even on a large scale - have an intimacy and immediacy peculiar to themselves.  They invite the viewer in and often give a glimpse of the artist’s mind as small works on paper often contain the essence of a larger work.  Many artists are attracted to the materiality of paper - watercolours, charcoals, pen and ink, monoprints show the working processes of the artist.

Print making is enjoying quite a revival.  The concerns that the digital revolution might signal the end  of this vibrant industry have happily been unfounded, and the exhibition will demonstrate both traditional etching, screen printing and hand finishing alonside newer digital methods.

Bronze has always had a sense of permanence and quality that always attracts collectors.  A bronze can last 3000 years.  A way for a sculptor both to scale works and to produce editions, the processes have a history and tradition that holds true today.  However the march of technology has also impacted on this and sculptors are now able to produce patina’s and finishes that are astounding.  From the abstract to the highly figurative, this exhibition will celebrate the way in which today’s sculptors are using the medium."

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"Margot Roulleau-Gallais creates lifelike bronze sculptures of humans in highly naturalistic poses. The scale of her works vary considerably. Within her repertoire Roulleau-Gallais has created both larger than life size bronze figures of famous individuals but also much more intimate works which focusing on the more vulnerable side of her sitters.

Capturing a likeness is one of Roulleau-Gallais’s real talents. She has been commissioned to create busts, full figurative statues and smaller more intricately posed works by a variety of patrons, including MDM London. She is a young talent who has worked for leading British sculptors and is attracting patrons for commissions in her own right."


Courtesy of VEDO specialist art consultant.

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